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Elon Musk needs a waxing

Body hair and wax on canvas



Elon Musk needs a waxing shows a depiction of the space capsule Dragon Space X drawn with the artists leg hair. The drawn capsule was developed by Elon Musk com­pany SpaceX. Elon Musk, how is known for being an engineering vi­sionary and one of the most influential CEOs worldwide, represents the celebrated heteronormative manliness which is closely associated with power and capitalism.  In contrast the artist chose to use female body hair, an intimate and life known material, for making this techni­cal drawing. The glorified vision of progress and conquest turns into something daily and bodily. Even the most complex machines are constructed by people with leg hair.


The Drawings

black ink on photo paper in passe-partout


Titles: The big attractor, athlete´s foot, neutron stars, single celled organism, black holes, water bears, Pando, The giant Bucket Wheel, a nano elevator, Zooplankton, a blue whale, Higgs Bosonen, The Kuiper belt, one pixel, cosmological radiation, folded DNA, photons, the atomic bomb, strange and bottom quarks, one bit, the boeing factory in Everett, electrons, the cosmic bubble nebula, a laser generated surface, the Burj Kahalifa Tower, proteins, the milky way, the Virgo cluster, atomic cores, an ovum...

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