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Installation, dimensions variable, found objects.

Materials: space blankets, plastic, aluminium wood, metal, paper, cardboard, textile, ceramic, hemp, water, tea, electricity 


For Women on the Moon Jo Lathwood & Eleanor Duffin initiate a project which takes as a catalyst both artists' relationship to the word “colony”. Their intention is to return it to its origins of linguistic meaning as farmstead or settlement in need of cultivation. Operating as a fictitious independent space agency (yet to have an acronym) they have set off on an explorative mission, prospecting within the universe, not for mineral deposits or material resources but for new questions, not answers, that become starting points for think tank conversation about governance. As part of establishing the (wo)manifesto for the mission, the artists' have created a mission patch to serve as their emblem for this exploration. Currently, they are seeking like-minded individuals (of any gender) who share their desire to participate in colony life. During the opening days of this exhibition, they ask members of the public to join their mission by offering thoughts and ideas to help create the (wo)manifesto. In return the artists offer to sew the mission patch to an item brought to them by the new recruit.

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