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Plane Collection

22 photographs of series of appr. 100

Pigment ink print


I started photographing planes with a Rolleiflex analogue camera when I was 

on parental leave. Deprived of time and confined to the suburb I
took photos in my neighbourhood, as a part of my everyday life. I had 

lived in the area for several years yet had never noticed the airplanes 

frequently passing overhead. It was not until sitting bored by the sand 

box that I first started to hear the planes, then moving my gaze upwards 

from the rectilinear world view, to see them.

The planes fly to and from the modernist Malmi airport, which is nowadays 

used for general aviation. For several years plans to build housing on 

the site have provoked much controversy. The plans are now due to be 

put in to action. Year 2019 marks the conclusion of my plane collection as aviation at Malmi airport ceases for good.

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