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From the series Hope#1, 2018

Meteor stones of unverified authenticity,  Limited edition giclee print


Project Here Then, There Now is dominated by an extended concept of photographic imagery which overlaps with the intimate and common problems of political, cultural, and personal identity of contemporary society. The display also features a fragmentary presentation of a series of photographs that explore memory, imagination, and the links between time, hope and promise.  The works address the following questions: does time exist, and how? How long is an instant ? How does photography express duration or a certain segment of time ? The presented astrophotographic studies are imprints of the wide night sky and the movement of cosmic bodies.

The creative work Hope#1 examines humanity’s endless need for hope and faith in the face of everyday failure and disappointment. Although we are constantly bombarded with success stories promising fantastic future possibilities offered by the ongoing progress in technology and science, the prospects for human as well as planetary life are not infinite. In search of inspiration for stories of failure, meteorites of unverified authenticity were used to create these photographs.

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