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Moon Laboratories

Woodcut, lightboxes, etching



Woman-girl is the main heroine who contemplates using her dreams and memories. I describe/draw the content of her consciousness and try to show the meanings of the phenomenons lying in that content. The phenomena are the minutiaes and labour of mode of life, as well they are the try to find yourself and to identify with different social groups. According to philosopher E. Husserl nothing certain could be said about the independent existence of objects, though we cannot doubt that these objects directly appear in our consciousness, no matter if they are real or just the illusion. So, it is not important and not interesting to find out who and what as well how old that girl is. It is not important if the phenomena in her consciousness have their equivalents in the real world, and it doesn‘t matter  when you understand that this girl is the GIRL of all, she is the phenomenon  by herself. 

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